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"When I started with Bloczone I couldn't be found in the first 20 pages. Now, I'm #1 in Sacramento and have been for over 3 years. Going with Bloczone is the best marketing decision I've made. ~ Dr. Yong Kim

Chiropractic Marketing by Bloczone

Are You Wasting Time trying to do your own chiropractic internet marketing?

While Savvy Chiropractors Take Over Your Town?

Chiropractic marketing has not changed, marketing is all about communication and always has been. But there are 3 market forces that have changed the way we do market our chiropractic practices and they help explain why our services are important, now.

  • The first of these forces is the economy. It has changed drastically over the last 5-7 years. Reimbursements for doctors are down, spending thousands a month to be the first chiropractor listed in the phone book doesn’t work, the days of $100 adjustments are pretty much a thing of the past. Fortunately there are new ways to get in front of a large number of potential patients. One of the big changes that has taken place is that people are searching the internet to get information before making decisions. Think about it, do you search the internet for reviews and more information before you make an important purchase? I know I do.
  • The second trend that is changing how chiropractic marketing is done is the way people are interacting socially, with the tidal wave advances of social media, from Facebook to Twitter, to YouTube, people are spending hours a day interacting and networking online. This is directly affecting the way business is done. No one, from major corporations to local brick and mortar businesses can ignore this trend without suffering.
  • Lastly, technology itself is changing rapidly. It’s hard to believe that YouTube didn’t exist 7 years ago, and Facebook opened to the public less then 6 years ago. Now these, along with Twitter and sites like LinkedIn, are sites that you must have a business presence on if you want to take advantage of the old marketing adage “go where the hungry crowds are.”

Now we want to make sure we have a good fit, there is a possibility that we might not be right for each other. Give us a call today and lets have a conversation!

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