Utilizing Your Office 24/7

Utilizing Your Office 24/7

Today’s chiropractic marketing tip offers a way to increase your return on investment (ROI) for your chiropractic clinic space by maximizing its use, that is, use all of your rooms at all times. Here are some ideas on ways to do just that:

Schedule evaluations on slow days. Since most chiropractors schedule adjustments every other day for individual patients, Tuesdays and Thursdays are typically “slower” days. Try booking all diagnostic testing, new patient exams as well as reevals on these “slow” days.

Offer free “lunch and learn” classes. During lunch hour(s) on say Mondays and Wednesdays, offer a free one-hour nutrition class. On Fridays, offer a “how to cook healthy” course.

Evening workshops. On Monday evenings provide workshops on different conditions that you treat. On Wednesday evenings offer posture classes; on Thursday evenings, schedule low back exercise classes.

Friday evenings devote to relaxation and meditation techniques.

On Saturday mornings host community meetings in your center. Invite your community’s small business association, city council, Lions Club and other types of community organizations to use your facilities. Basically, by accommodating these functions, your clinic becomes a diversified wellness center offering a wide variety of services to the public. Even though not all attendees will actually become patients, all participants will know about the center and its location and services — a great community partnership that you offer.

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