Chiropractic Marketing Tip #47: Doing a Blog Post Correctly

Chiropractic Marketing Tip #47: Doing a Blog Post Correctly

Today’s Chiropractic marketing tip is about how to do a blog post correctly. When you are writing a blog post it is essential that you think about the actual content you want your audience to read and also about what you want the search engines to find. You of course, want to make your blog post readable and interesting to humans, but if you want more readers then you have to help your site to rank in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

So, when you pick your topic it is important to think about keywords associated with your topic. Let’s use the example of Carpal Tunnel. If you are writing an article about carpal tunnel then it is obvious that that will be one of your keywords. Another keyword that will be essential and needs to be in the article is the term chiropractic, or chiropractic treatment or something to do with chiropractic or chiropractor.  If it fits into your post it would be even better to mention “yourtown” chiropractic or chiropractor.

Once you have written the article and sprinkled it with the appropriate keywords, you can try your hand at creating links to associated content. Links are very important but that is a whole topic in and of itself. So stay tuned for a lesson on linking in the near future.

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