How to Keep Employees

How to Keep Employees

Today, instead of a chiropractic marketing idea, we are discussing a chiropractic practice tip. This week is about improving the retention of your employees through good training, a strategy that is often overlooked. Businesses may assume that a salary raise or more vacation days will satisfy an employee, but the money is soon spent and the vacation time just distances the person from the job while the dissatisfaction stays the same.

Without proper training it is difficult to perform any job well. An employee who is unable to to do a task correctly may become frustrated. This can lead to conflict amongst employees, and problems between employees and their managers. Employers who invest in training reap the benefits of a higher quality of work. It shows employees their boss cares about the kind of work they receive.

Employees often seek new jobs if they sense their current employer is unwilling to train them adequately. For businesses this means a higher turnover rate, which can prove to be quite costly. When new employees are hired to replace those that left, it usually means a drop in productivity. These new employees must have time to adjust to the new job. Management must also spend time making sure these new hires have the basic information required to perform tasks. The cycle continues unless employers step up and give their employees the training they require.

With staff training, employee retention is enhanced. However it can’t just be any old training that makes staff members wonder why they have to sit through a lecture that has no relevance to their jobs.

Staff training has to concentrate on offering the tools and the knowledge that employees must have to do their jobs. It has to be relevant in that it promotes chiropractic work as a benefit, fosters the way employees relate to patients, teaches them how to communicate as well as how to use technology, invites creative thinking, and helps potential managers to develop their talents.

That may appear to be an ambitious agenda, but employee retention will be facilitated by a well designed training program that tackles the actual issues employees will face daily. That is because staff members who have been well trained feel as if they are part of the team because they know they are valued.

Developing a Team Attitude: Employees who don’t feel that they own a piece of their workplace are usually dissatisfied and never feel like they’re part of the team. That means they don’t work as hard as they could and eventually will leave for a job in another setting.

The best staff training develops competence, confidence, and a sense of being part of a team that matters. That means a staff that knows what it is doing and is satisfied with the work it does. Those who have this kind of satisfaction won’t want to move to another company.

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