Chiropractic Marketing Tip #28: Using a Marketing Calendar

Chiropractic Marketing Tip #28: Using a Marketing Calendar

This week’s Chiropractic Marketing tip is all about how to make sure your marketing endeavors don’t fail. You may not know the reason that most marketing fails, but I am here to tell you that it fails because it doesn’t get done. While you may have great marketing ideas for your chiropractic practice, if there is no follow through then guess what? That’s right it fails, every time.

One of the first steps to making sure it gets done is to plan it out. And for that a chiropractic marketing calendar is essential! And today my recommendation on calendars is the web based Google calendar. It is accessible from any computer and on most phones. You can set up alerts and deadlines. It is a fantastic tool and the best part is, it is Free! No excuses now, just start planning.

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