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Youtube Marketing (Part 2) Optimizing Your Videos to Rank High

Chiropractic MarketingOptimizing your videos using keywords can dramatically effect your Youtube video viewership. Watch, Nick in this video as he goes step-by-step how to get your chiropractic marketing videos how to show up at the top of the list in Youtube and Google Search Results. Learn how to Geo Locate your videos for local exposure and watch as Nick exposes for the first time a money making little secret of Youtube optimization found nowhere else.


Youtube Marketing (Part 1) Setting up Your Account

Chiropractic MarketingLearning how to setup an account and how to upload your first video has never been easier.  In this video, Nick teaches you why Youtube is an important element to every chiropractic marketing campaign and how to properly set up your account so people in your town see your videos.  In later videos, Nick, will show you how to get your videos to rank at the top of the search results as well as how to put one of your Youtube videos on your website. Also stay tuned for when Nick teaches the secrets to Advertising on Youtube with paid search advertisements for your practice.


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