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Chiropractic Marketing Tip #28: Using a Marketing Calendar

This week’s Chiropractic Marketing tip is all about how to make sure your marketing endeavors don’t fail. You may not know the reason that most marketing fails, but I am here to tell you that it fails because it doesn’t get done. While you may have great marketing ideas for your chiropractic practice, if there is no follow through then guess what? That’s right it fails, every time.

One of the first steps to making sure it gets done is to plan it out. And for that a chiropractic marketing calendar is essential! And today my recommendation on calendars is the web based Google calendar. It is accessible from any computer and on most phones. You can set up alerts and deadlines. It is a fantastic tool and the best part is, it is Free! No excuses now, just start planning.

Who is Getting all the New Patients?

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In Today’s episode I let you in on a little

Chiropractic Marketing Secret:

Who is getting all the Chiropractic New Patients on the internet.

Better yet, I’ll let you know how you can be the clinic that is getting them!

More Information

Advanced Local Search Tactics

Today we get into some advanced local search tactics for you to use as part of your chiropractic marketing strategy. Now many offices will not need to use these advanced strategies in order to rank in Google Places in your town or city. But, if you are in a very competitive market these strategies my the just the thing to land you on the front page! Again remember to do the other things in this course first then you can move on to these great gems.

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The Google Review Factor

Reviews are also a main criterion when it comes to what businesses show up on Google Maps for people searching for a local business in your city! In this video we show you not only how to get them but more importantly where the best places to get them are. Check it out!

The Importance of Citations

Citations are to your local listing as backlinks are to your website. If you are not familiar with either, no worries, we will explain everything here. But to make a long story short the more you have the better are your chances in showing up in the Google Maps for people searching for a chiropractic website in your city! In this video we show you not only how to get them but more importantly where the best places to get them are. Check it out!

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